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About Album

TRANSPARENCE is a genre-fluid journey into imaginary, lost and hidden places. The opening track Lebtit (written by Alessandro Sgobbio) evokes the homonym lost city, whose mysterious story can be found in “One thousand and one nights” as well as Jorge Louis Borges and Georges Perec books. Jo Berger Myhre’s solo theme on The Perfect Light Of Sandstad (a village of the Hitra municipality) introduces Hilmar Jensson’s guitar solo on Cité Des Poètes (an elegy to the recently-demolished adventurous housing project in the Parisian suburbs). The band-collective dialogue on Labtayt and To See Was To Be, features Øyvind Skarbø’s oneiric percussions, bells, papers and whistles.

Recorded by Sander Løvland Nyhager & Emil Strøm at Kristiania – Westerdals Oslo ACT (Norway)
Mixed and Mastered by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studios (Italy)
Cover by Soukizy.com

VINYL RELEASE: April 9, 2021


Artist: Hitra
Label: AMP Music & Records
Release Date: 19-2-2021
Genre: Imaginative Music
People: Hilmar Jensson [guitar] Alessandro Sgobbio [piano] Jo Berger Myhre [bass] Øyvind Skarbø [drums]

Album Reviews

A beautiful album which flows with imagination and improvisation.

Info135 (Argentina)

A compelling soundscape of Imaginative guitar chords, torrential bass flows, the light whispers of percussion and an extremely precise pianism. Album of the week.

All About Jazz (IT)

A crystalline talent of four European musicians. A successful effort.

Radioaktiv (IT)

The great quality of the album lies in its diversity, while developing a coherent universe, rooted in the culture of listening and sharing, communion and poetry. Refined.

Silence And Sound (FR)

An explorationary journey into a new sonic realm. Deep.

Nite Stylez (DE)

A camouflaged piano impressionism mets the chiaroscuro current of the Nordic trance, developing together that “nostalgic” character which is desire, the relief of a lack, an effect of the memory.

Percorsi Musicali (IT)

A musical research that suggests an inner exploration, a descent into a deeper investigation of one's own boundaries.

Off Topic Magazine (IT)

Album Of The Month - March 2021 European Jazz Chart

Europe Jazz Network

Spacious and ambient compositions with an openness for improvisations. A true band album. One to check out!

Wulf's Music / All That Jazz (ES)

Unique worlds and sounds, suspended between avant-garde, jazz or post-free 2.0. A really nice discovery.

Windout Magazine (IT)

Album of the week. Combining abstract/improv tracks with more lyrical, rock, electric & progressive jazz ones, Hitra keeps a high level of interest throughout the development of the album.

Δισκορυχειον / Vinylmine (GR)

‘Transparence’ is the kind of album that sounds glorious from the start. There is something really beautiful about the playing. This is a group to keep an eye, and ear, on going forward.

Vital Weekly (NL)

An album of very fascinating atmospheres and cinematic sounds.

Mondo Jazz (USA)

Possessing a knack for explorative sonics, Hitra speaks a language that incorporates an interesting layering that whether causes controlled friction or soars. The music is never boring or predictable.

JazzTrial (USA)

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